All tracks composed by Johnny Ceravolo

The Message 1

Culton Ferris speaks to Earth (webcomic version)

The Message 2

Culton Ferris speaks to Earth (video chapter version)


Score for Fallen Heroes, Chapter 1


Score for Fallen Heroes, Chapter 2


Score for Fallen Heroes, Chapter 3


Score for Fallen Heroes, Chapter 4

Katharos, Part 1

Score for Fallen Heroes, Chapter 5

Katharos, Part 2

Score for Fallen Heroes, Chapter 5

Approaching Isia

Chapter 5 opening

Meeting Shino

Chapter 5, Lessi meets Shino

Yerky on Stage

Chapter 5, Lessi presents Yerky to Isia Station

Found Object

Chapter 5, Lessi and Shino examine the artifact

Dark News

Chapter 5, report from Earth

The Knife Goes In

Chapter 5, the death of Rooker Malone

Escape into Dream

Chapter 5, Lessi's dream of fire

Earth in Flames

Chapter 5, global riot report

Ferris will See you now

Chapter 5 finale


Chapter 6, UN greenhouse destroyed


Chapter 6, after demolition

Astronymous Confession

Chapter 6, Astronymous message

Global Collapse

Chapter 7, Earth on the brink

The Team Arrives

Chapter 7, arrival at Ferrine Station

Clash of Minds

Chapter 7, Shino vs. DeWan

Ferris Lives

Chapter 8, Ferris reveals himself

The Gate

Chapter 8, opening the gate

Too Much Reality

Chapter 3, flight to Golder station

Stink Prank

Chapter 3, Lessi vs. Golder station

Dream III

Chapter 3, Lessi’s nightmare

The Other Side of Fate

Chapter 3 conclusion

Look Out There

Chapter 4, on the cable

Life on Earth

Chapter 4, Miram’s story

Dream IV

Chapter 4, Lessi takes the plunge

Never More Alive

©2017 Shikhee D’iordna/Android Lust

Dream I

Chapter 1, Alessia dreams of her lost family

On the bus

Chapter 1, the bus approaches UN station

Green house

Chapter 1, passing the "emerald waterwheel"

Machine World

Chapter 1, Alessia dives into the core

Ask me Anything

Chapter 2, Waiting for Lessi to ask the question


Chapter 2, spacewalk over Pitsberg


Chapter 2, Red Saggard rescues Lessi


Chapter 2, Lessi introduces her Sprite

Hotel night

Chapter 2, Lessi and Ami drunk and disorderly

Dream II

Chapter 2, Lessi's dream (extended version)

Liber Talk

Chapter 2, Brae and Lessi's final conversation

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